09 DEFINITIVE: National Definitives

In Malaysia, there are three major types of stamp issues ie “commemorative stamp“, “definitive stamp” and “special stamp“. According to Pos Malaysia official webpage, “commemorative stamp” is defined as “type of postage stamp issued to commemorate and honour important national and international events such as anniversaries and significant events, historical places and things, and outstandingContinue reading “09 DEFINITIVE: National Definitives”

08 TRAIN: Malaysia Railways(I)

The world railway transportation system started in the western countries to assist the industrial revolution. The first electrified trains open in Germany, 1881. Geographically, Malaysia consists of Peninsular Malaysia and Borneo(Sabah & Sarawak). At the moment, only Terengganu and Sarawak states do not have railway system. In simple division, the railway infrastructure in Malaysia canContinue reading “08 TRAIN: Malaysia Railways(I)”

07 ROYALTY: The Royal Visits

Malaysia is a commonwealth country, independent from British colony since 31th August 1957. For the past 64 years, the relationship between the two countries remained close. Malaysia is the United Kingdom’s second largest export market in ASEAN and the UK is Malaysia’s third trading partner in Europe. Below are the lists of royal visits byContinue reading “07 ROYALTY: The Royal Visits”

06 BRIDGE: Penang Bridges

Penang (Pearl of the Orient) or Pulau Pinang is one of the thirteen states in Malaysia located at northern Peninsular Malaysia. Penang consists of Penang Island (Prince of Wales Island) and Seberang Perai (Province Wellesley) at mainland. They are linked by two bridges, i.e. Penang Bridge and Penang Second Bridge. There is Ferry service asContinue reading “06 BRIDGE: Penang Bridges”

05 SPORTS: First in Asia

Sports is an element in our life, either we involve in it for our physical fitness or we take it as an entertainment by watching the match. Sports is an important “investment” to a country as well because of it’s high returns for certain internationally well received sports events such as Olympic Games, Formula OneContinue reading “05 SPORTS: First in Asia”

03 MISC: Unique “Premium” Stamps

Postage stamp, defined as “ a small adhesive piece of paper of specified value issued by a national Post Office to be affixed to a letter or parcel to indicate the amount of postage paid “, by Oxford English Dictionary. The first stamp in the world, invented by an Englishman Sir Rowland Hill, was issuedContinue reading “03 MISC: Unique “Premium” Stamps”

02 SCHOOLS: JS 100

Schools is another interesting topics in philately. There were few stamp issues launched by Pos Malaysia in recent years to commemorate centennial anniversary of few schools in Malaysia. There is a full review article titled “A Philatelic Journey of the Schools in Malaysia” via the link https://myfdc.me/articles/a-philatelic-journey-of-the-schools-in-malaysia/ In Penang State itself, there were three schools stampContinue reading “02 SCHOOLS: JS 100”

01 SPORTS: The Glorious Moments

Sports is one of my favourite themes. Pos Malaysia had issued around 25 sports related stamp issues. The first sports issue was on 14 December 1965 for 3rd South East Asian Peninsular Games with 3v stamps. It was followed by Mexico Olympic Games issue on 12 October 1968 with 2v stamps. For this article, IContinue reading “01 SPORTS: The Glorious Moments”