03 MISC: Unique “Premium” Stamps

Postage stamp, defined as “ a small adhesive piece of paper of specified value issued by a national Post Office to be affixed to a letter or parcel to indicate the amount of postage paid “, by Oxford English Dictionary. The first stamp in the world, invented by an Englishman Sir Rowland Hill, was issued 180 years ago in United Kingdom in May 1840 — the well known “Penny Black”. With advance in technology, the piece of paper also has underwent evolution. Advanced and innovative printing technologies such as special materials(eg metals, silk), embroidery, fluorescent effect, gold or silver printing, emboss printing, special odour and taste, unique shapes etc are being produced nowadays. A review article titled “Stamps of Aprroval” by Singapore National Heritage Board covered different unique stamps of the world: https://www.roots.sg/learn/stories/stamps-of-approval/story

Another article comprehensively covering “The Unusual Stamps and MS of Malaysia”, written by Genevieve V. A. Gee and Dr Indraneil Das, can be assessed via the link: https://myfdc.me/articles/the-unusual-stamps-and-ms-of-malaysia/

The first Malaysia stamps for use throughout Malaya were issued on 5th May 1957 with 4v General Issue stamps. Since then nearly 600 stamp issues were introduced by Pos Malaysia to date. In this blog I would like to write on Malaysia unique stamps made from non-paper materials. From my own record, there were four stamp issues:-

  1. Malaysian Currency Premium silver stamp RM50, issued on 18th January 2010.
  2. The Baba & Nyonya Heritage copper plated with 22K gold stamp RM50, issued on 1st December 2014.
  3. The Baba & Nyonya Heritage lithography & embroidery stamp RM35, issued on 12th February 2015.
  4. Farm Animals wood stamp RM15, issued on 16th February 2015.

1) Malaysian Currency Premium silver stamp RM50

Premium stamp portfolio cover

From my personal record, this is the first non-paper stamp issued by Pos Malaysia. This premium stamp is made of 999 purity silver weigh 1.12 grams with face value of RM50. I supposed it was also the first highest single-value stamp ever issued by Pos Malaysia that time. Interestingly, it is the first Malaysian stamp ever issued for dual purposes:- I) to commemorate 50 years of the Central Bank of Malaysia ( Bank Negara Malaysia ), and also II) to complement the Pos Malaysia stamps issue of Malaysian Currency on 18th January 2010. The stamp featured the commemorative gold proof coin of face value RM50 issued by the Central Bank of Malaysia on 8th February 2009. A RM50 gold coin images on a RM50 silver stamp!

The FDC of RM50 silver premium stamp with Pulau Pinang cancellation

2) The Baba & Nyonya Heritage copper plated with 22K gold stamp RM50

Technical details of copper gold plated stamp

The Baba & Nyonya Heritage stamps was first issued by Pos Malaysia on 29th November 2013 with 4v stamps and a nicely designed beautiful RM5 miniature sheet featuring image of Nyonya Kebaya Embroidery. It had won 4th Place for Wiener Internationale Postwertzeichen Ausstellung Grand Prix 2013 in Austria.

The last page of RM50 gold plated stamp mini folder showing the won prize

During the first day of World Youth Stamp Exhibition 2014 held in Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre from 1st — 6th December 2014, Pos Malaysia issued this RM50 copper metal plated with 22K gold stamp.

The FDC of RM5 MS issued on 29th November 2013 with Jalan Laksamana, Melacca cancellation.

3) The Baba & Nyonya Heritage lithography & embroidery stamp RM35

RM35 lithography & embroidery stamp

RM35 embroidery stamp & technical details

This lovely lithography & embroidery Nyonya Kebaya RM35 stamp was issued on 12th February 2015 (about 2 months after RM50 gold plated metal stamp was issued) at philatelic bureau Kuala Lumpur. Embroidery on embroidery stamp!

FDC of RM35 embroidery MS stamp. Courtesy of Mr KY Shum

4) Farm Animals wood stamp RM15

Farm Animals RM15 wood MS

This wood miniature sheet stamp was issued together with 3v stamps and RM5 same imaged MS of Farm Animals issue, on 16th February 2015, just 4 days after the RM35 embroidery stamp was issued. The special wood MS stamp was available for sale to public throughout Malaysia’s post offices.

FDC of RM15 wood MS. Courtesy of Mr KY Shum

What will be the next unique non-paper Malaysian stamp?

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